Wild West RV’s reserves the right to decline or refuse repairs, service, or maintenance if the environment is unsafe, unworkable, present any cause of danger, or is unable to properly complete a service on-site. As repairs, services, and maintenance are completed on customers Recreational Vehicle at their existing locations, Wild West RV’s is not responsible or liable for failure to complete work due to unsafe work conditions, or changes in weather. Wild West RV’s is not responsible or liable for faulty, or defective parts, hardware, or appliances – Warranty and liability for defective or faulty parts, hardware and appliances lies with the manufacturer. Wild West RV’s is not responsible for any theft, loss or damage to any vehicles, or recreational vehicles. Wild West RV’s does not assume liability on any vehicle or recreational vehicle nor is responsible for any damage to vehicle or recreational vehicles in the working area. Wild West RV’s services and repairs are completed outdoors in the elements of nature and thus is not liable nor responsible for work that is unable to begin or prohibit completion of work such as but not limited to: wildlife, animals, rain, snow, sleet, frost, freezing weather, wind, wind gusts, uneven terrain, obstructed terrain, abrupt weather changes, or for seen eventually weather changes which could alter work being completed. Other services such as but not limited to jobs pertaining sealant or requiring dry stable weather conditions for completion. Wild West RV’s reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or stop all work in progress due to weather, unsafe conditions, or unforeseen changes of any sort which can or will prevent work from safely, or properly being executed or completed. Wild West RV’s provides on-site service from use of a work-vehicle which transports tools, parts, hardware and appliances in order to provide service, maintenance and repairs that are completed at a customer’s Recreational Vehicles location of the customers home, accepted storage lots, or campgrounds and is not liable nor responsible for delays in customer appointment times due to previous customer estimated repair times, traffic, weather, or unexpected part requirements that require additional travel time to pick up parts, hardware, or appliance from a third party supplier. Wild West RV’s reserves the right to refuse any unsafe working conditions and does not operate as a roadside assistance repair service. Wild West RV’s may recommend a third-party business to contact for servicing; however, is not liable nor responsible for another businesses reliability or any service completed.